Modify Family Law Judgment

Hagerstown Divorce Modification Lawyer Serving Maryland

If you are facing a material change in your circumstances, the court makes allowances for modifying your alimony, child support, visitation or custody judgment. Some significant changes can include:

  • Loss of job or significant reduction in income or earnings
  • Gambling, alcohol or drug addiction
  • Mental illness
  • Relocation for a job opportunity or entering into remarriage
  • The changed needs or circumstances of the child or children

Reducing Day Care Expenses

When child support is set for young children, there may be a percentage of the monthly check that is set aside to meet day care expenses. When the child reaches an age when professional day care is no longer required, the obligor may petition the court to remove the day care portion of the monthly obligation.

Child Support Modification · Custody Modification · Alimony Reduction · Relocation

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