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In many business disputes and commercial litigation matters, the issues on the surface of the disagreement or lawsuit are not the foundation of the problem. To resolve the matter efficiently, your lawyer will need to understand how to recognize concerns and potential problems you may not even be focused on.

I am attorney Carl W. Disque. I have a quarter century of experience negotiating dispute settlements and successfully representing Maryland business owners in civil trial matters. I work directly with every client, to make sure I have a full grasp of the issues at hand and the break-even cost point of litigation. Throughout your litigation case, you will find me responsive to your calls and concerns, and willing to provide you with information you need to make decisions about your dispute or lawsuit.

I use my experience to represent plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes and litigation cases.

My commercial litigation experience includes cases involving:

  • Collections, past due accounts, collections actions
  • Partnership disputes, shareholder and investor litigation
  • Breach of contract disputes, subcontract allowances
  • Commercial real estate litigation, lease disputes
  • Promissory notes
  • Executive and employment contracts, agreements not to compete
  • Warranty disputes
  • Unfair, fraudulent or deceptive business practices

Mediation For Resolving Complex Disputes And Commercial Lawsuits

Keeping your litigation costs under control is a critical component of any successful business operation. If you are involved in a dispute that you think may head to court, talk to the other party about resolving the matter through a collaborative approach. I am a trained mediation professional who can help guide you through the negotiating process to find an outcome that meets your financial objectives.

Maryland Commercial Litigation Lawyer

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Carl Disque

Carl Disque

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