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A real estate transaction may well be the single largest financial deal of your lifetime. Fighting to protect your rights and financial interests in a dispute can have a lifetime impact on your investment.

If you are a Maryland property owner involved in a dispute with a neighboring property owner, a developer or your municipality, call Carl W. Disque, P.C., Attorney at Law, in Hagerstown, Maryland. I am an experienced real property litigation lawyer with more than 25 years of knowledge in matters involving:

  • Adverse possession: Disputes involving a party seeking ownership status after occupying a property for an extended period without initially holding the legal title/ formal right of undisputed ownership.
  • Boundary disputes: Litigation and disputes related to property line disputes, or in matter where building, landscaping or development encroaches another property owner’s rights.
  • Right of way or easement disputes: Disputes regarding rights-of-way and other land easements between neighboring parcels, or for municipal projects and/or installing/maintaining utilities.
  • Contract litigation: Including dissolution of a contract for sale, or for the breach of a purchase or sales agreement.

I have extensive experience in real property disputes and litigation, and have hands-on experience providing effective legal counsel for clients on either side of these issues.

Washington County And Frederick County Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Call the law office of Carl W. Disque, P.C., Attorney at Law, in Hagerstown toll free at 866-478-4826 or contact me by email to arrange a low-cost initial consultation. I will answer your questions and give you an honest assessment of your legal circumstances, time frame for a resolution and approximate legal expenses.

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Carl Disque

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