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In an effort to obtain predictable, uniform results statewide, Maryland family law has essentially tried to take “lawyering” out of the child support calculation. In most cases, the amount of child support obligation a non-custodial parent must pay will be determined by a formula that includes the income of both parents, the number of overnights the child spends with the non-custodial parent, number of children needing support and additional child support obligations from a previous divorce.

How The Numbers Are Put Into The Formula Affects The Calculation

What is determined to be income is often an important factor in how the formula calculates the dollar amount of the child support obligation. Whether you expect to be the custodial parent or expect to pay child support, it is important to make sure the numbers are accurate and fairly reflect your financial circumstances and that of your spouse or partner.

If child support will be an important issue in your pending divorce or paternity lawsuit, make sure you have an experienced lawyer protecting your rights. Call Carl W. Disque, P.C., Attorney at Law, in Hagerstown. I have more than a quarter century of experience and knowledge of Maryland family law regarding child custody, visitation and child support issues.

Voluntary Impoverishment To Reduce Child Support

It is not uncommon for a spouse to voluntarily quit a job or temporarily take low-paying employment in order to reduce child support obligations during the divorce or paternity litigation process. If you are concerned that your spouse or partner may be deliberately attempting this strategy, having the right lawyer on your side will make sure the court is aware of his or her full earnings potential and will fight for the full amount of child support your child deserves.

Enforcement Of Child Support Laws And Child Support Payments

It is important to remember that child support is not the same thing as alimony and it does not equate legally to parenting rights. A custodial parent who is owed child support may not withhold parenting time or violate the custody and visitation agreement in order to enforce payment. Violation of a child support order is contempt of court and a matter for court intervention. If you need to take enforcement action, I am ready to help. I will move quickly to move your petition through the system effectively.

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