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Maryland Divorce Lawyer Clients With Complex Property And High Assets

For divorcing spouses and partners with high assets, the property settlement could have a significant impact on their financial future for the rest of their lives.

As a Maryland family law attorney for more than 25 years, I have helped resolve complex marital property division issues such as:

  • Stock portfolios, securities and investment accounts
  • Pensions and qualified retirement savings
  • Family businesses and professional practices
  • Vacation homes, timeshares and investment real estate
  • Overseas and offshore investments
  • Debt obligations

Protecting Assets In Divorce

When resolving complex high-asset property division settlements, the devil is often in the details. Uncovering hidden assets and making sure property is properly classified as marital property or separate property as well as determining the value of commingled assets is a critical step to protecting my clients’ rights.

When necessary, I work with independent professionals in the fields of business asset valuation, forensic accounting, actuarial asset valuation and qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO). I work hard to resolve complex issues through a collaborative process, in order to reduce the need for costly litigation.


Because of the complexity and value of assets at stake, professional mediation is a very appropriate and effective means of reaching a settlement without attorneys clamoring for an opportunity to litigate. Especially in divorces involving high net worth, an attorney who is skilled in both litigation and the art of mediation is an excellent asset. Make sure you hire an attorney who can spot the issues that would best be solved diplomatically, without the public process of hearings and trials in the courts, but who also understands that litigation is sometimes necessary to achieve a fair resolution. I am a trained mediator and an experienced trial attorney.

Frederick County And Washington County High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

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