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Maryland court dockets are packed with people filing lawsuits over personal grievances, including divorce, property disputes, business dissolution, and other real and perceived wrongs. To reduce the load on an overburdened legal system, judges now expect disputing parties and their attorneys to first try to find a resolution outside of trial, through collaborative alternative dispute resolution, particularly mediation.

By agreeing to resolve your dispute through a mediation, you will benefit from the experience of a trained attorney who has years of experience handling civil trials and negotiating settlements out of court. Parties may still be represented by their attorneys and negotiations will pursue a step-by-step process, with legal issues clarified throughout the process. The goal, of course, is to seek a compromise solution that works for both parties, and one that the adjudicating judge will sign off on.

Either or both parties have the right to withdraw from mediation at any time and pursue litigation through the courts. The settlement will only become a court judgment after the signed agreement is reviewed and approved by a judge.

I am a trained, court-appointed mediator and offer experienced services in all areas of civil litigation, including:

Think you can work out a settlement on your own? Think again.
The courts are filled with settlement agreements that have been worked out between disputing parties without the use of a trained professional mediator. Most often, these agreements lack basic protections for both parties and fail to meet the criteria and standards the adjudicating judge will require. In the end, a great deal of time, energy and legal costs are expended with nothing to show for it in terms of a court judgment. Do it right the first time, call on a trained mediation attorney.

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